Adoption of the Supplemental Food for School Children Program at Kulon Progo City IN PRESS

Andi Yuniarsy Hartika (1) , Safira Ainun Ulumiyah (2)
(1) Universitas Borneo Tarakan , Indonesia
(2) Puskesmas Batu , Indonesia


One of the national programs is providing The Supplementary Food for School Children (PMT AS) which was launched to accelerate the achievement of national development goals. This complete food-based PMT program was the first to be carried out in Kulon Progo Regency, in the previous year PMT-AS was provided in the form of snacks. This research aims to explore the adoption of the PMT AS program in Kulon Progo Regency. This research used qualitative design with case study approach. This aspect of adoption consists of the program implementer's intention to adopt a program, how the activity implementer tries to implement a program and implements the innovations needed for program development. This is demonstrated by their being able to prepare a team to implement the PMT-AS program in schools consisting of cooks and administrative staff, prepare the facilities and infrastructure for implementing the program, and carry out initial anthropometric measurements of school children. Schools receiving the PMT-AS program show that they are ready and able to adopt this new program in their respective school settings.

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Andi Yuniarsy Hartika (Primary Contact)
Safira Ainun Ulumiyah
Hartika AY, Ulumiyah SA. Adoption of the Supplemental Food for School Children Program at Kulon Progo City: IN PRESS. JIKM [Internet]. 2024 Apr. 30 [cited 2024 May 22];15(1). Available from:

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