The Clean and Healthy Life Behavior (PHBS) Among Elementary School Student in East Kuripan, West Nusa Tenggara Province

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Dyah Suryani
Elvi Juliansyah
Ria Damayanti
Aris Yulianto
Baiq Rini Oktina


School-age is a golden period to instill the values of clean and healthy life behavior (PHBS), so it has the potential as an agent of change to promote within the school, family and community. The function of the school is also a place of learning that can be a threat of disease transmission if not managed properly. Besides, school-age for children is also a vulnerable period for various diseases. The aim of this study was to determine the association between knowledge, attitude and role of teacher with the implementation of PHBS in the school. This study used observational quantitative research by using a cross-sectional approach. The research subjects were 58 students in fourth and fifth grade from elementary school number 1 East Kuripan West Lombok which selected by using total sampling. That school was selected because it has the lowest scope in terms of implementation of PHBS. The instrument used was a questionnaire in the   checklist form which consisted of 19 questions about knowledge, 15 questions about attitude, 13 questions about the role of teacher, and 11 questions about the implementation of PHBS. Each variable was categorized into good category if the correct answers was covered >70 % out of total score, and vice versa. Data analysis performed by Chi-square. The results of the bivariate analysis revealed that knowledge and attitude were significantly associated with implementation of PHBS behavior. The role of the teacher did not have any association with implementation of PHBS among fourth and fifth grade elementary school students’ number 1 East Kuripan. It can be concluded that the implementation of PHBS in Elementary School Number 1 was influenced by student’s knowledge and attitude.


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Suryani D, Maretalinia, Suyitno, Juliansyah E, Damayanti R, Yulianto A, Rini Oktina B. The Clean and Healthy Life Behavior (PHBS) Among Elementary School Student in East Kuripan, West Nusa Tenggara Province. JIKM [Internet]. 2020Apr.30 [cited 2020Sep.30];11(01):10 - 22. Available from: